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Getup – to grow and impact for good

Who we are - and why?

About us

We are a community of individualities that share some but not everything.
We command extensive line management experiences in corporations and/or responsible management positions in small and medium-sized enterprises.
We passed a professional and approved training for executive coaches and are certified.
Life gave us ample opportunities to come-into-being and for growth, and we have mastered both personal and professional crisis and challenges.
We are convinced that leadership starts with self-leadership and that any planned change to the outer world starts with us.
In the age of instability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity the call for an inner compass is louder and answer are more urgent. We want to contribute to it.
We work holistic and include head, hand and heart in our work.
We have much sympathy for Philip Rosenthal’s saying “Those who believe to be something, have stopped becoming something.”

Vision & Values

We handle our intentions with passion for the coming-to-be of our clients

To strengthen your professional and private self. For the benefit of all.

We serve the deeper concerns of our clients – it is a matter close to our hearts.

We believe that the dissolution of outer structures requires strong and upright self-leadership.

We are pragmatic and grounded. And live genuineness in thinking and conduct.

Executive Coaching

Fridtjof Helemann